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8 Reasons to Buy a Home in St. Croix Today

White sand beaches and crystal clear waters are difficult to leave at the end of a vacation.  After decades of hard work maybe it’s time to reward yourself by purchasing an island getaway.  Or, relocate entirely to one of the most welcoming and diverse island communities in the Caribbean.  If you are on the fence about finally buying your dream home on the beautiful island of St. Croix, here are a few facts that might help you decide.

St. Croix Remains a Solid Buyer’s Market

Real Estate on St. Croix was impacted greatly by the recession but has been steadily making a comeback.  2016 saw an appreciable rise in activity, and as inventory becomes more scarce, prices have continued to climb. For sellers, this is good news.  For buyers?  It means now is the time to make a move.

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St Croix continues to have some of the lowest priced real estate in the Caribbean, but this will not last forever.  Buying a home right now means you will be entering a healthy market with room for your investment to grow.

St. Croix Real Estate is Open to Every Price Range

St. Croix is large enough to offer properties at a wide range of price points.  From 100 thousand dollars to several million, you can find a property that meets your budget and needs.  With turnkey condominiums and large estates for sale, you will find your dream home on St. Croix.

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The island has properties available directly on the water for the full Caribbean experience, and high up in the hills to capture commanding views and cool ocean breezes.  Truly something for everyone.

Enjoy Island Living Under a Familiar Flag

As an independent territory, the U.S. Virgin Islands enjoys the security of the United States but retains its island identity.  St. Croix is English speaking, accepts U.S. passports for travel and trades in American currency.   This relationship offers the same protections for your investment you enjoy at home.

Paradise by Lunch

Coming to and from St. Croix is as easy as making a plane reservation.  The Island is large enough to have its own airport with flights arriving and departing throughout the day.  Just three hours from Miami, you can leave in the morning and be on the beach by lunch.  Connecting flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico make getting to St. Croix fast and easy from anywhere in the world.

Hiking the Interior of the Island

More than 20 miles long, the island ranges from rain forest to desert.  This environmental diversity makes for many choices for those who love activities away from the ocean.

Hiking and exploring are fun pursuits in the interior of the island.  With so much to choose from, a day away from the beach becomes an exciting new opportunity to create memories.  You won’t be stuck inside on cloudy days on St. Croix.  There is simply too much to do.

St. Croix is More than Tourism, It is Home

With more than 50,000 residents St. Croix is a thriving community.  Great schools, shopping, and neighborhood centers dot the landscape and provide the infrastructure necessary to live in paradise year-round.  St. Croix is family oriented with many residents choosing to raise their children in the extended family atmosphere of island life.

Best Beaches in the Caribbean

No discussion about St. Croix can be complete without mentioning the amazing beaches ringing the island.  From remote stretches of sand to bustling centers of activity, the island has beaches for all tastes and preferences.  Named as three of the Caribbean’s Best Beaches by USA Today, Turtle Beach, Chenay Bay, and Sandy Point are excellent examples of the different coastal experiences to be found in St. Croix.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Destinations

Beyond playing in the surf and sand, St. Croix is home to several of the world’s top snorkeling and diving destinations.  The remote shores on the north side of the island are frequented by divers looking for wrecks or just seeking the serenity of diving away from the crowds.

Buck Island Reef is a can’t-miss snorkeling site with guided tours available.  On St. Croix, the underwater adventures are limitless.

Contact us Today to Find your St. Croix Home

Owning a home on the island allows you to enjoy all St. Croix has to offer without the hassle of keeping a tight vacation schedule.  Home to picturesque beaches and an involved community of residents, St. Croix is the place to look when searching for a home in the Virgin Islands.  And, with so many quality properties on the market, buying a home in St. Croix has never been easier.  Our experienced real estate professionals know the island inside and out.  We are waiting to show you the perfect island home, to fit your needs, budget, and dreams.

Buying a home today in St. Croix is a great investment.  The market is full of tremendous properties at terrific prices.  Contact us today for information about our featured listings.  And, let us be the first to welcome you to the island life.

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